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AuthorTopic: Why the webcamsites traffic changed/dropped so much in 2015!  (Read 4007 times)

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Why the webcamsites traffic changed/dropped so much in 2015!
« on: February 02, 2016, 09:49:57 PM »
Why the webcamsites traffic changed so much in 2015!
A massive onslaught occurred end 2014/start 2015 in the webcamsites industry!

This is a overview article from End 2014- Start 2016, next ones will update monthly to keep data updated,
and YOU informed!

A number of webcamsites saw massive drops in traffic starting 2015 by being penalized by Google.
By using clone whitelabelsites and other SEO tricks...
Some websites saw a drop of half their traffic, and ofc keep quiet about it, but we figured it out.
To name a few (com)xlovecam,imlive,streamate,naked, runetki, Myfreecams

Some avoided it, and (some) profited from it like cams,cam4,xcams,flirt4free, Livejasmin,Chaturbate.

See Jan1 2015 traffic alx rank loss  in table

In second row you'l see that jasmin like interface have a HIGH bounce rate, they better look into their past, and change their interface BACK!
Last row before remarks, is direct traffic (which is best), refereralls and search traffic.
Siteowners can contact me for in depth advice marketing($), have collected much more real time data

The industry sofar had 40.000 sites that will shrink to mere 1000 or even less in the future, means more models
on those sites and more members...
see details at bottom

Our goal listing best sites for paying members (value for money) and best for models (highest % payout+support) and also based on traffic to site...more traffic is more members and more $$ for models, models happy members happy :-)

Present topsites in alexa global rank ,google trends,and other extra data
most are in english and hosted in USA or given in remarks

Bookmark us!  !

price token $   Price tok min private   % model   adult list sml   Jan1 2015 traffic alx rank loss     Alexa Global rank end jan 2015   Alexa Global rank end jan 2016   +/- global rank 2016    global rank   6month/ month traffic in M or  K p to jan 2016   
Time on site in min   pageviews   Bounce rate %      
traffic direct %   traffic referrals %   Search %   
remarks, country if not usa
Chaturbate.com        0.11   6 – 90   30 -50                  6   no change, going up         490    339   -1      105      
117 M 17    17   15   
28   60   21      
Models & Webmasters click here!
my favorite model margo_rita  former margo_rita_nyc

      0.99   1                   up to 80      8   103-303                  167   254       25      182      
162 M   2   2   83   
28   9   84      
Models click here!(send us your id!, so we can add you!)

BongaCams.com           0.15   28 –           up to 50      12   8576-80700 drop in 2012?   141    74      39      216      
55-88M  6   6   46   
16   55   8   
CZ,RU, Cyprus ? Servers every country? Just 500 models online with that traffic? I have my doubts...
Webmasters click here !

Cam4.com               0.20   12 – 30           50 –         16   834-1522               1161 803   218      286      
48 M    17   12   31   
21   34   34   18   

MyFreeCams.com         0.10   60 – 80           50 -60          20   553-927                  858    1047   -62      352      
53-44 M   13   11   15   
40   7   14   9   
Our favorite models: (online GMT 17.00-23.00, 5-11 PM mostly, or look on profile)
young Our choice:




You can use a guest account; no need to sign up then, BUT
most models if not block don't react to guest and basics who registerd.
So use our link
to take  a $20 one-time membership, that gives you 200 credits and look from there, models recognize you as a genuine member, and you may chat with them,
you are not blocked.


see more models in http://www.pubnud.com/index.php?topic=1401.0

Flirt4Free.com         0.14   30-60 /70-120   Just 20-30 ?   29   no change, going up         1777 1550   -280   552      
48-63 M   2   2   75   
15   9   85
Models click here      
Favorite model :

XLoveCam.com                                           74   2673-4793, going up         2092 3508   86      1364   
23-27M   1   2   78   
18   10   83
Webmasters click here !

Cams.com                                             142   going up         8695   5425   4138   2474      
4-14 M   1   2   86   
28   15   80      
Models click here!

xHamsterCams.com                                      144   1107-3893         1838   3551   142   2519         
21-19 M   1   1   93   
76   2   97      
whitelabel streamate

runetki.com                                           157   No change         2883   4063   -920   2667      
32-8 M   7   6   32   
40   43   12   
Not voted as best by models

Freewebcams.com                                      202   No change         10461   8300   -1099   3345      
320-9 M   1   3   50   
35   50   1   

ImLive.com                                             263   1565-6500         4872   7370   -1940   4384      
11-5 M   4   5   65   27   
22   61   7   

XCams.com                                           298   No change         1423   6816   -4543   4998      
71-9 M   1   1   
88   4   86      
Models click here !

Streamate.com                                Just 35   ?      464   2770-8420         6147   10547   1110   7296   
3.7-2.3 M   12   14   30   
46   53   34       Webmasters click here!

adult list sml   Jan1 2015 traffic alx rank loss     Alexa Global rank end jan 2015   Alexa Global rank end jan 2016   +/- global rank 2016    global rank   6month/ month traffic in M or  K p to jan 2016
Time on site in min   pageviews   Bounce rate %      
traffic direct %   traffic referrals %   Search %   
remarks, country if not usa

DxLive.com                          494      8324-25172         13952                     
2-6M                           JP

Naked.com                          565      6430-16104         10908   16635   -1479   8851   
3-2 M   13   11   22   30   
61   16   20   

Jasmin.com                         633      48136-374785      7655   24951   -4233         
1.9-1.4 M   13   26   20   
14   60   30      
second site livejasmin or start 2005?

CameraBoys.com                      1553   10029-17650                                 

LiveFreeFun.com                     1847   2292-41060         21037   64925   3609   27056   950-
540 K   8   11   34   18   
33   61   3   

GlamourStarsLive.com                2480   457984-638682                              

CamContacts.com                     2966   No change         62630   54729   8597   45557   
380-340K   10   14   17   
54   30   11   

xVideosLive.com                     3033   140688-88825                                       

MyCams.com                    3394   53009-174069                                                            jasmin label

iFriends.net                          3411   28052-61384         79637   -3099   44772         
340K   11   8   37   26   
35   50   9    
oldest webcamsite

JOYourself.com                      4008   70917-299140                                       

ItsLive.com                        4308   62321-140401      97490   144888   -17832                                                streammate whitelabel

Sexier.com                            4705   40344-186361                                        

CamHub.com                          5285   100287-778223                                       

SakuraLive.com                      5491   46762-82921         118651   -28434                                             JP

Webcams.com                         6604   15989-110011
LSAwards.com                       9543   293125-491691      557404   -432803   142327         
40-80K   22   14   10   18   
57   40   5      
HUN? LJ white-blacklabel?

xxXpanded.com                        11348   336248-905005      664578                     95-115K                        

NeedLive.com                       14683   200000-800000      9292   517445               
50-75K                           lj whitelabel                                       

Xmodels.com                        22277   No change         421951   334654   115416   368288   
50-40 K   6   5   22   
53   37   7         
Models click here

The very very best adult pay webcam sites,  updated monthly

Payed  webcam sites allow you to hear and see another live person on webcam.

Best of all, the people on these sites all want to have virtual sex.

Adult webcam sex sites are the fastest way for you to enjoy having sex on webcam without having to go out to a bar and without having any strings attached except perhaps a g-string :-)

Most of these sites allow you to search for specific type of people like brunettes, girls with C cups or even people from specific regions of the world.
This makes it incredibly easy for you to find someone who interests you and then get on your way to having a blast on cam with that person.

Whether you’re bored at home with nothing to do or even if you feel like getting off with a complete stranger, these webcam sex sites will definitely please your needs!

BUT remember there's NO girl who just likes to chat with guys and/or take her clothes of FOR FREE, so on most sites
FREE or BASIC members are MUTED by models, they have to pay bills, and if not payed they leave webcam and go out and get food, drink and more
for FREE themselves with guys they really like themselves ....GET IT? 


I don’t know about you but I really hate it when you wanna bust a nut to one of these adult cam websites and you’re fumbling around trying to grab a credit card or searching for one that’s legit AND has hot chicks working on them.

But you know what? There’s a harsh truth that most guys are unaware of…. are you ready for that truth?

99% of these sites are FAKE as hell and completely suck.   (bottom of list)

A huge number of the so called “top webcam sites” are ripoffs that play pre-recorded footage and run script bots to churn out messages on the chat screen which appear as though the girl is typing them and other guys are typing… when in actual fact it’s just a bot.  Annoying right?

So  I’m going to show you the best adult webcam sites which are HOT right now, these are in my eyes the badass sites, that have you coming back for more and more.

White/Black Label Adult Webcam Sites being de-indexed
The reality is that today with more than 40,000 adult webcam sites being operated by really only about 5-10 main platforms
that has led to little differentiation between the sites. 
a lot of webcamhosts start a number of sites to sell all those membership instead
of focusing on just 1 and building that clientbase.. that sucks for members and models.

Adult Webcam Platforms explained.
The fact is the following 5 platforms, power the vast majority of all adult webcam sites.
these are the real the REAL owners .

The Platforms are here:  Livejasmin or the AWE Platform ,Chaturbate Platform,  Streamate Platform , Camscom  or the FriendFinder Platform ,
Flirt4Free Platform,  ImLive or the PussyCash Platform,  Xcams.com Platform,  Bonga or  the BongaCash Platform

Adult webcam sites that share the same content are considered to be thin content sites.
What then happens is these brand marketers who share in profits with the adult webcam sites,
market their sites as it they are their own business.
However, since they are smaller adult webcam businesses, reviews are often not available;
since writing a reviews for each site on a shared platform is economically, at least in most cases unfeasible.
This means that consumers cannot find a separate place to:
A. Validate the claims made by these white label adult webcam sites
B. See which platforms really power these sites and read about who the real owners are operating the adult webcam sites.
 See Jan1 2015 traffic alx rank loss in list !! 

Forget all the bullshit of the camsites themselves,
like Camisy have 40 million members..in their dreams perhaps...
or Bongacams just 560 models online, a 1000-2000 should be normal with that kind of traffic,  (SEO scam?)
but http://searchdns.netcraft.com/?host=BongaCams.com&x=0&y=0  servers for every country is nice, that reason for high rank?
Or Myfreecams.com who has a separate site to drive free-chatters, so called freeloaders to it in hope some will pay $20 for a base premium, that load of freeloaders makes the site laggy, and most models respond with excluding guest and basics from chat, so much for "free" chat..as promised "free for life" on that separate site..

And the 1000's of socalled  "best adult cam review sites" also suck,
most don't bother to check data just check the one they like
and give a lot of $ to promote...
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Re: Coming soon ! Why the webcamsites traffic changed/dropped so much in 2015!
« Reply #1 on: February 29, 2016, 01:53:44 PM »
Some are good, most are not, take my choice !!! And ask my  list so you can check I don't lie.....
btw dis you see many ads on this page???  Nope...

-AdultCams.com  -AdultwebCamTV.com  -AdultWebcamWorld.com  -AllBBWCams.com  -AnyWebcam.com  -BabeCamSex.com  -BigSisterLive.com  -BongaCams.com  -Cam4.com   -CamBooth.com  -CamContacts.com  -CamCrush.com  -CameraBoys.com  -CamHub.com   -Camisy.com  -Camorous.com  -CamPrime.com  -Cams.com   -Cams4us.com  -CamsAtHome.com  -CamSpot.com  -Camsters.com  -Camsturbate.com   -CamWithHer.com  -CamWithHim.com  -CamWorld.com  -Chaturbate.com  -Classycams.com  -ClubXLive.com  -DiamondJames.com  -DirectChatTV.com  -DivasCam.com  -DrTuberCams.com   -DxLive.com  -DxLive.com   -Eve-live.com  -FlatFeeCams.com   -Flirt4Free.com  -FreeCamStars.com  -FreeStreamTV.com  -Freewebcams.com  -GenderBenders.com  -GlamourStarsLive.com  -HomeCams.com  -HotCam.com   -HotCamGuys.com  -HotClubCams.com   -HustlerLive.com   -iCams.com  -ICGirls.com  -ICGuys.com  -iFriends.com  -iFriendsV2.com  -ImLive.com  -ImNude.com  -ItsLive.com  -Jasmin.com  -JOYourself.com  -JuicyNetwork.com  -LiveCamFun.com  -LiveCamNetwork.com  -LiveFreeFun.com   -LiveJasmin.com  -LiveLatina.com  -LivePimpin.com  -LivePrivates.com  -LiveSexList.com  -Lovetrap.com  -LSAwards.com  -MaturesCam.com  -Men4You.com  -MyCams.com  -MyFreeCams.com  -Naked.com  -NaughtyWebcams.com  -NeedLive.com  -NeonCams.com  -Non-NudeCams.com  -NonNudeCams.com   -NudeAdultCams.com  -OnHerCam.com  -PassionCams.com   -PeekShows.com  -PlayboyLive.com  -Pornication.com  -PrivateFeeds.com  -RealGirlsOnCam.com  -RudeShows.com  -runetki.com  -SakuraLive.com  -ScoresLive.com  -Scoreslive.com  -SecretFriends.com  -SeeMe.com  -SexCamClub.com  -SexCamLive.com  -SexCamsParty.com  -Sexier.com   -SexPlayCam.com  -SexStationTV.com  -SizzlingCams.com  -SmutCams.com  -Spread4U.com  -Streamate.com  -StripHiLo.com  -SweetApples.com  -SweetCamGirl.com  -TopCams.com  -VideoChat.com  -VIPCams.com  -WebCamking.com  -WebCamPortal.com  -Webcams.com  -XCams.com  -xHamsterCams.com   -XLoveCam.com  -xVideosLive.com  -xxXpanded.com 

and 1000's more not worth to be listed even....

like these 1000 ! whitelabels of and others

101live.com  -1800jackoff.com  -1camsexe.net  -1on1shows.com  -21model.com  -2cam.xxx  -3dsexslave.com  -3dsexwebcams.nl  -4cam.com  -4cam4.com  -4tubelivesex.com  -5starcams  -adamevecams.com  -adultcamspace.com  -adultchat.com  -adultchat7.com  -adultfreecams.com  -adultrooms24.com  -adultsonlychat.com  -adultvideochat.com  -adultwebcams.nu  -adultwebcamtv.com  -africaine.be  -agree.livetna.com  -agree.pornstarchats.com  -alltrannycams.com  -almasryalyoum.co  -alwayslivecams.com  -amalandcams.com  -amalandlive.com  -amateurcams.xxx  -amateurhdcams.com  -amateurlivecams.com  -amateursoncams.com  -amateursrawcams.com  -amatuerwebcams.com  -amaturesporno.com  -amplecams.com  -angelascams.com  -angelinacastrocams.com  -anywebcam.com  -apmlive.com  -asiancams.com  -asianchat.com  -asmrgirls.com  -awebcamsite  -babedex.com  -badgirls.com  -bangbooklive.com  -bangyoulatercams.com  -bbwwebcams.com  -bdsmhotcams.com  -belamichat.com  -benevidz.com  -bestbritishwebcams.com  -bestliveshows.com  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